Areas of Practice

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Helping develop the UAE’s top-tier healthcare and life sciences industry.

As with other sectors of the UAE economy, the healthcare and life sciences industry is rapidly growing and flourishing. The federal and local governments have publicly committed to developing world-class healthcare infrastructure backed by significant public spending in the sector. Combined with some of the highest foreign direct investment among MENA countries, the rapid modernization of the sector is helping establish the UAE as a destination for medical tourism, and it was recently ranked 20th in the World Index of Healthcare Innovation. Like in other countries, the healthcare and life sciences sector is heavily regulated, with ever-changing regulations being enacted to keep up with the fast pace of the sector’s changes. This means that companies working in the sector should always secure qualified legal counsel and representation.

The healthcare lawyers at Habib Al Mulla and Partners keep close track of the UAE’s ever-changing and multi-jurisdictional regulatory regime that oversees all elements of the healthcare and life sciences sector. Our attorneys have working experience with federal and local healthcare laws covering the full slate of healthcare and life sciences activities. We provide legal guidance and representation to local and international pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, healthcare information, and other healthcare service companies that must resolve legal issues and conduct business in the region.

Industries & Sectors

Habib Al Mulla and Partners, a recognized leader in the legal field across the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, offers a comprehensive range of legal services. For nearly four decades, we have cultivated a profound understanding of the region’s diverse and ever-changing legal landscape. This expertise empowers us to tailor sophisticated legal solutions for a broad clientele, encompassing both local and international entities.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence extends beyond providing mere legal counsel. We cultivate a comprehensive approach, ensuring our clients, regardless of industry, receive strategic and forward-thinking advice. The depth of our knowledge across various sectors, coupled with our unwavering dedication to client success, has solidified our position as a trusted leader. The breadth of industries we serve stands as a testament to our adaptability and unwavering commitment to meeting the evolving legal needs of our clients.