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A Signing Ceremony of a Cooperation Protocol Between the Center and Habib Al Mulla Academy in the United Arab Emirates

June 23, 2023

Earlier this week, at the headquarters of the Egyptian Center for Arbitration and Settlement of Non-Banking Financial Disputes, the signing ceremony of the cooperation protocol between the Center and Habib Al Mulla Academy, a leading academy in the field of legal training in the United Arab Emirates was held, in the presence of the Minister Dr. Mohamed Farid Saleh – Chairman of the Center’s Board of Trustees, and in the presence of all the Members of the Center’s Board of Trustees. A number of guests of honor attended, headed by the cultural attaché of the United Arab Emirates in Egypt, representative from the League of Arab States, the president and vice president of the Egyptian Stock Exchange, number of members of its Board of Directors, and the Chairman of the General Authority for Investment, as well as the presence of Prof. Dr. Dean of the Faculty of Law, Cairo University and a number of Members of the Board of Directors of the Young Entrepreneurs Associations, as well as the presence of a number of prominent and pioneering persons in the legal field from major law firms in Egypt and the Arab world.

Where the ceremony was opened by Counselor Dr. Marian Kaldas – Executive Director of the Center with her speech, in which she emphasized the importance of this protocol, which comes within the framework of the Center’s strategy in spreading awareness of alternative means of dispute settlement, as the two parties sought to implement their common vision, which was represented in achieving three principles: The first of these principles is to raise and advance training fields in consensual dispute settlement, especially in the non-banking financial sector, with the aim of contributing to create a generation of legal cadres capable of keeping up with changes and developments in this field. The second principle is the transfer of consensual dispute settlement to all segments of society, with the aim of contributing to create an environment with awareness of these areas. The last principle is that all joint training programs would be presented in Arabic, which will represent a competitive advantage for this partnership that would contribute to maximizing the benefit of all participants in those programs by improving their skills and raising their knowledge of the laws applied in the two countries.

Counselor/ Marian appreciated the importance of this partnership, especially since it is made with Habib Al Mulla Academy, which specializes in the field of training and is located in the sister country of the Emirates, on the one hand, while on the other hand, that academy bears the name of Mr. Dr. Habib Al Mulla, as one of the legal personalities that has a prominent position in the legal field, whether in the United Arab Emirates or the Arab world as a whole.

After the end of Counselor/ Marian’s speech, Dr. Habib Al Mulla began his speech by expressing his gratitude and happiness at signing this partnership with the Egyptian Center for Arbitration and Settlement of Non-Banking Financial Disputes, especially since the sister country of Egypt has a special place in his heart. Dr. Al Mulla explained that the reason for this partnership comes from the common vision that brought together the Center and the Academy, which was represented in qualifying a generation of legal cadres capable of keeping up with changes and developments in the field of consensual dispute settlement. He assured this idea by emphasizing that the main purpose of establishing the Academy lies in spreading the legal awareness of the ordinary person before the professional legal person. Therefore, he considered this Academy as paying it forward, which prompted him to broadcast short videos on the Academy’s website whose legal content contributes to the spread of legal culture to all segments of society.

Al Mulla concluded his speech by saying that he wishes that this partnership achieves its desired goal in promoting and realizing the two parties’ common visions and goals in the areas of joint work, especially since it was appeared in the first joint training program organized between the two parties related to the Organization’s operations for acquisitions and mergers and the role of amicable means in settling disputes resulting therefrom, which was accepted and approved by all participants. At the end of his speech, he expressed his thanks and appreciation for his good reception in sister country of Egypt, and also thanked all the attendees and those in charge of this honorable ceremony.

After that, the Minister Dr. Mohamed Farid – Chairman of the Center’s Board of Trustees began his speech, in which he welcomed Dr. Al Mulla and all the attendees, then he shed light on the importance of this partnership in light of strengthening bilateral relations between the two parties and cooperation between them in the fields of training and organizing seminars, conferences and workshops, to spread the culture of resorting to arbitration, mediation and other alternative means of settling disputes, especially in the non-banking financial sector, in addition to the importance of this protocol for the Egyptian Center, considering that this cooperation would represent a window through which the Center would expand and spread in the Arab world, especially since the United Arab Emirates is one of the most important gathering centers for international trade in the world.

During his speech, the Minister praised the competitive advantage that he hopes to achieve through this protocol, which would contribute to enhance joint areas of cooperation and raise legal awareness among trainees from Egypt and United Arab Emirates sides in the field of arbitration as a mechanism for settling non-banking financial disputes.
The Minister concluded his speech by pointing out the importance of having such partnerships, especially with our Arab brothers, which would naturally be reflected in improving and developing the investment climate in Egypt in support of promoting sustainable economic growth.

The ceremony was concluded with the signing of the protocol by Counselor Dr. Marian Kaldas – Executive Director of the Egyptian Center and Dr. Habib Al Mulla, President of the Academy.

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