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Exploring Cybercrimes and Slander Offenses in UAE Law with Expert Insights

August 9, 2023

Mohamed El Baghdady, Head of Financial Crimes, and Youssef ElGazairly, Paralegal, from Habib Al Mulla and Partners, delve into the intricate nexus between cybercrimes and slander offenses. Stay informed, and stay protected!

The metaverse has gained immense popularity in recent years, revolutionising the way people interact, work, and even express themselves through fashion. As individuals increasingly participate in virtual worlds, fashion in the metaverse has become a significant industry. However, this new virtual realm raises important legal questions, especially in the areas of intellectual property, consumer protection, and advertising.

Taking account of the UAE’s forward-thinking approach to technology and the metaverse, coupled with its robust fashion and e-commerce industries, this article examines fashion law in the metaverse and explores its legal implications within the UAE.

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