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Announcing the launch of Habib Al Mulla and Partners

December 25, 2022

As we near our 40th year of delivering outstanding legal services to those seeking business opportunities in the UAE, I look back in pride on everything we have accomplished. We have helped countless foreign and local clients initiate business in the region, surmount regulatory hurdles, resolve business disputes, and otherwise address the numerous legal complexities involved in doing business here. Our firm has also been instrumental in helping the UAE modernize its legal system to accommodate and promote international business operations without making compromises that might be detrimental to our religion and unique culture.

When I founded Habib Al Mulla and Partners in 1984, our country’s nominal GDP stood at just over U.S.$41 billion, driven almost entirely by the oil sector. In 2022, the UAE’s nominal GDP is projected to hit a high of U.S.$427 billion, and our economy is the second largest in the Arab world and the fifth largest in the Middle East. From a worldwide perspective, our economy is ranked 32nd largest for its nominal GPD and 21st largest for its nominal per capita GDP. While oil and natural gas remain a mainstay of our economy, we now have the most diversified economy of the six Gulf Cooperation Council countries. The incredible growth of our real estate, banking, trade, construction, tourism, and other sectors of the economy can be seen everywhere in our world-class cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

I could go on, but the bottom line is that the United Arab Emirates is an economic powerhouse, and the lawyers of Habib Al Mulla and Partners helped make this happen.

So, let’s look forward. The impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and sabre-rattling by other countries are putting enormous pressure on the worldwide economy. While the world may seem on the precipice of a crisis, business will continue. Specific sectors of the economy in the UAE may experience subdued activity, but they will not falter. And foreign and local business interests will continue to need help navigating the legal and regulatory complexities involved in successfully conducting their operations.

“The role of a lawyer is not merely to represent his client in the court. It goes far more and much deeper by understanding the client’s concerns, weighing the pros and cons of any action, building a practical, efficient and coastwise strategy. And achieving the goals that the client wishes to fulfil.

We at Habib Al Mulla and Partners aim not only to win your case. We put ourselves in your shoes, try to understand your business and achieve your goals as if they are our goals. We promise what we achieve, achieve what we promise.” – Dr. Habib Al Mulla

The UAE have successfully managed other times of economic uncertainty, and Habib Al Mulla and Partners remains committed to providing its foreign and local clients with the best legal advice, representation, and other services in the region. We look forward to serving you and in continuing to support the incredible transformation and growth of our country.

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