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Restructuring & Insolvency

We are committed to providing exceptional legal counsel and representation in restructuring and insolvency matters. Contact us today to learn how our expert team can assist you in navigating financial distress and achieving favorable outcomes.

Internationally Recognized for Our Dispute Resolution Expertise

Navigating financial distress can be a complex and challenging process for any business. At Habib Al Mulla and Partners, we leverage our comprehensive knowledge of UAE bankruptcy laws and regulations in the free zones to offer robust restructuring and insolvency solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Our restructuring and insolvency lawyers are adept at developing strategic solutions to avoid bankruptcy and secure favorable financial restructuring terms. We work closely with clients to meet all legal requirements while maintaining business solvency. Our approach includes:

Financial Restructuring

We assist businesses in renegotiating debt and restructuring financial obligations to enhance liquidity and operational efficiency. Our team applies innovative techniques to stabilize distressed companies and restore financial health.

Debt Renegotiation
We negotiate with creditors to modify the terms of existing debts, aiming to achieve more manageable repayment schedules and reduced financial strain.
Equity Restructuring
We provide guidance on equity restructuring to optimize capital structure and improve financial stability.

Turnaround Management

We provide expert advice on turnaround strategies to help businesses recover from financial setbacks. Our team works with management to implement practical solutions aimed at improving operational performance and profitability.

Operational Improvement
We identify areas for operational enhancement and implement strategies to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
Strategic Planning
We develop and execute strategic plans to guide businesses through challenging times, ensuring long-term sustainability.

Debt Settlement and Liquidation

In cases where liquidation is unavoidable, we guide clients through the process of debt settlement, ensuring compliance with legal obligations and minimizing potential liabilities. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for creditors and stakeholders.

Orderly Liquidation
We manage the liquidation process to maximize asset value and ensure fair distribution to creditors.

We ensure all legal requirements are met during liquidation to avoid potential criminal liabilities and penalties.

Protecting Creditor Interests

For creditors, recovering investments in major bankruptcy cases is crucial. Our firm offers:

Asset Recovery

We employ advanced asset tracking methods to recover funds and assets tied to insolvent entities. Our team works diligently to ensure creditors receive their due.

Asset Identification

We locate and identify assets that can be recovered to satisfy creditor claims.

Enforcement Actions
We take legal action to enforce creditor rights and secure asset recovery.

Litigation and Arbitration

We represent creditors in litigation and arbitration proceedings to resolve disputes and enforce claims. Our extensive experience in dispute resolution ensures effective advocacy in complex financial matters.

Dispute Resolution

We handle disputes efficiently through litigation or alternative dispute resolution methods like arbitration.

Claim Enforcement

We pursue enforcement of creditor claims to ensure fair treatment in insolvency proceedings.

Comprehensive Advisory Services

In addition to hands-on restructuring and insolvency management, we provide advisory services to help businesses and creditors navigate the legal landscape:

Regulatory Compliance

We keep clients informed of the latest regulatory changes and compliance requirements. Our proactive approach helps businesses adapt to evolving legal frameworks and mitigate risks.

Regulatory Updates

We provide regular updates on changes in insolvency and restructuring laws to keep clients informed.

Compliance Strategies

We develop compliance strategies tailored to each client’s unique needs and regulatory environment.

Cross-border Expertise

With a focus on both domestic and international clients, we offer cross-border restructuring solutions. Our team is skilled in managing multi-jurisdictional cases, ensuring seamless coordination and compliance across different legal systems.

International Coordination

We coordinate restructuring efforts across multiple jurisdictions to ensure a cohesive approach.

We harmonize legal strategies to address the complexities of cross-border insolvency cases.