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Family Offices

We are committed to helping family businesses navigate the complexities of the legal landscape in the GCC. Our expertise and proactive approach enable us to provide the comprehensive support necessary to ensure the success and longevity of your family business.

Our Practice is Dedicated to Ensuring Family Business Success

At Habib Al Mulla and Partners, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that family businesses face. Our practice is dedicated to ensuring the success and longevity of family businesses across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. With our in-depth knowledge and expertise in family business law, we are uniquely positioned to help you navigate the rapidly evolving regulatory framework.

Expertise in GCC Family Business Law

Our family business lawyers possess a working knowledge of Dubai’s 2020 Family Business Law and similar regulations adopted throughout the GCC. This expertise enables us to provide comprehensive legal support tailored to the specific needs of family businesses in the region. We are well-prepared to work with the UAE’s Federal Decree Law NO. 37 on family business, which comes into force in 2023, ensuring that your business remains compliant with the latest legal requirements.

Comprehensive Legal Services for Family Businesses

Restructuring and Ownership Contracts

We guide families through the complex process of restructuring their businesses to optimize operational efficiency and ensure the alignment of family interests. Our services include:

Family Ownership Contract Development

Drafting and negotiating ownership agreements that clearly define the roles, responsibilities, and rights of family members involved in the business.

Corporate Restructuring

Advising on the most effective restructuring strategies to enhance business performance and prepare for future growth.

Establishing Trusts and Governance Compliance

Effective governance is crucial for the success of family businesses. Our lawyers provide expert advice on establishing trusts and ensuring governance compliance to protect family assets and facilitate smooth business operations. Our services include:

Trust Establishment

Creating trusts to safeguard family wealth and ensure its proper management and distribution.

Governance Compliance

Assisting in the development and implementation of governance structures that comply with relevant laws and best practices.

Dispute Resolution

Family businesses can be particularly vulnerable to disputes, which can disrupt operations and harm relationships. Our firm offers dispute resolution services designed to secure favourable solutions with the least possible disruption to the family business. Our services include:

Mediation and Arbitration

Facilitating the resolution of disputes through mediation and arbitration to maintain harmony within the family.

Litigation Support

Providing robust representation in court to protect your interests and achieve the best possible outcomes.