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Trademark Infringement & IP

We are dedicated to helping you protect your brands and intellectual property in the ever-evolving global marketplace. Contact us today to learn how our expert IP team can assist you in securing and defending your intellectual property rights.

Comprehensive Protection for Your Brands and Intellectual Property

Protecting company brands and intellectual property (IP) is crucial in today’s high-powered global economy, and the UAE has significantly enhanced regulations governing IP in recent years. As a long-time proponent of IP protection, Habib Al Mulla and Partners has been striving to help companies safeguard their brands and intellectual property for decades. We closely track regulatory changes in IP laws in the UAE and the greater region and are adept at providing legal solutions on a multi-jurisdictional level to address numerous IP issues.

Trademark Registration and Maintenance

Securing and maintaining trademark rights is essential for protecting your brand identity. Our services include:
Trademark Registration
Assisting clients with the process of trademark registration in the UAE and internationally, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements.
Trademark Maintenance

Managing trademark renewals and monitoring for potential infringements to ensure continued protection of your brand.

Trademark Infringement Litigation

When your trademark rights are violated, prompt and effective legal action is crucial. Our litigation services include:

Infringement Analysis
Conducting thorough investigations to determine the extent of trademark infringement and gathering evidence to support your case.
Litigation and Enforcement
Representing clients in court to enforce their trademark rights and seeking remedies for damages caused by infringement. We handle all aspects of litigation, from filing lawsuits to negotiating settlements.

IP Prosecution

Protecting your intellectual property requires vigilant prosecution to prevent unauthorized use. Our IP prosecution services include:

Assisting clients in obtaining patents and copyrights for their inventions and creative works, ensuring that their intellectual property is legally protected.
IP Portfolio Management

Managing clients’ IP portfolios, including monitoring for potential infringements and advising on strategies to maximize IP value.

Marketing and Labelling Compliance

In the digital age, protecting your online presence is just as important as safeguarding your physical trademarks. Our domain name protection services include:

Domain Name Registration

Assisting clients with registering domain names and ensuring that they are properly secured.

Domain Name Disputes
Representing clients in disputes over domain names, including cases of cybersquatting and unauthorized use of trademarks in domain names.