July 14, 2024 6:59 pm in Dubai

Energy, Mining & Infrastructure

Since its founding in 1984, Habib Al Mulla and Partners has been at the forefront of legal practice in the energy, mining, and infrastructure sectors. Our lawyers possess an intimate familiarity with the laws regulating these industries, bolstered by our firm’s active role in assisting the government with revising and drafting relevant regulations.

The energy sector has long been the primary driver of the UAE’s economy, with the country possessing the world’s sixth-largest oil reserves and seventh-largest natural gas reserves. The UAE is committed to maintaining its leading position in the global energy market while also diversifying its energy portfolio to include renewable sources. This commitment to energy diversification is reflected in numerous government initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable energy practices and investments in solar, wind, and nuclear power.

Meanwhile, the mining industry in the UAE has emerged as a fast-growing contributor to the national economy. With rich deposits of copper, gypsum, precious stones, and other minerals and metals, the UAE is leveraging the most advanced technologies to ensure efficient and environmentally responsible extraction. The infrastructure supporting these vital sectors is modern, technologically advanced, and fully capable of handling the region’s continuing growth in energy and mining activities.

Advancing Energy, Mining, and Infrastructure with Legal Insight

Habib Al Mulla & Partners is distinguished by our extensive experience and deep-rooted expertise in the energy, mining, and infrastructure sectors. Our long-standing involvement in these industries, combined with our proactive role in regulatory development, ensures that we provide our clients with insightful, reliable, and strategic legal advice. Whether you are a local entity or an international company looking to invest or operate in the UAE, our dedicated team is equipped to support your legal needs and help you achieve your business objectives.

Regulatory Compliance and Permitting
Navigating the complex regulatory landscape of the energy and mining sectors requires comprehensive legal knowledge and practical experience. Our team provides expert advice on compliance with local, regional, and international regulations, ensuring that our clients can operate smoothly and within the legal frameworks. We assist with obtaining necessary permits and licenses, and we stay abreast of regulatory changes to keep our clients informed and prepared.
Contract Negotiation and Drafting
Effective and enforceable contracts are critical to the success of any project in the energy, mining, and infrastructure sectors. Our lawyers have extensive experience in negotiating and drafting contracts with suppliers, contractors, and other stakeholders. We ensure that our clients’ interests are protected and that their contractual arrangements facilitate successful project execution.
Dispute Resolution and Litigation
In the event of disputes, our clients benefit from our robust litigation and dispute resolution capabilities. We represent clients in court and arbitration proceedings, providing strategic legal counsel aimed at achieving favorable outcomes. Our experience in these sectors allows us to approach disputes with a deep understanding of industry-specific issues.
Environmental Impact and Sustainability
Sustainability and environmental stewardship are increasingly important in the energy and mining sectors. Our team advises clients on environmental impact assessments, compliance with environmental regulations, and the implementation of sustainable practices. We help clients navigate the legal complexities associated with environmental protection, ensuring that their operations are not only compliant but also aligned with global sustainability goals.
Project Financing and Development
The successful development of energy and mining projects often hinges on securing appropriate financing and navigating the intricacies of project development. We counsel clients on various financing options, including project finance, private equity, and public-private partnerships. Our lawyers assist with structuring and negotiating financing agreements, providing legal support throughout the project lifecycle.
Business Transactions

Assisting with mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and other business transactions, ensuring that all legal aspects are meticulously handled.